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Short Profile
Drs., MSi., MSc., Ph.D., Prof.
Office :
Department of Criminology FISIP University of Indonesia
Kampus Depok Jawa Barat, 16424

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Kanomedia is one of the largest advertising and communications (advertising and communications), which is one of the field work is to help communicate a product so that it can be received in the market. Operations begin the process of design, printing, branding to make a event (event organizer). Actually, process be formed of KANOMEDIA since 1997, when it was under the flag of PT Kanomedia Mitra Sejati. Then, beginning in 2008, experienced a number of renovation KANOMEDIA management, as well as change the name of a business to be PT Kanomedia Cipta Utama. Even so, the brand that we features is the same, KANOMEDIA.
Info Kriminologi
Prevent Crime Based on Social Justice (blog)
Alumni Akademi Kepolisian (AKPOL) tahun 1989
Adhikusumaputra (web blog)
Departemen Ilmu Administrasi FISIP UI
Lembaga Cegah Kejahatan Indonesia
Program Kajian Ilmu Kepolisian Pasca Sarjana Universitas Indonesia
Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik UI
Universitas Indonesia
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